Hat-Trick Wins for iSportz Sports Management Platform

Hat-Trick Wins for iSportz Sports Management Platform

Hat-Trick Wins for iSportz Sports Management Platform

We have not one but three remarkable announcements to share with you. We are delighted to share some exciting news about three significant partnerships that will help elevate the World of Cycling, Collegiate Sports, and Windy City.

USA Cycling Partnership for Learning Management Software:

We are thrilled to inform you that iSportz has extended its esteemed partnership with USA Cycling, the governing body for cycling in the United States. This collaboration has been incredibly fruitful, and we are excited to continue providing them with our industry-leading Learning Management Software (LMS).

Last year our Sports LMS module was key in empowering USA Cycling to deliver comprehensive and engaging educational content to their members, coaches, and officials. Through this continued partnership, our collective aim is to enhance the knowledge and skills of cycling enthusiasts across the country, ultimately raising the standard of cycling excellence in the USA.

American Collegiate League signed up for Club and Team Management & Member Management System:

We proudly announce a groundbreaking partnership with the American Collegiate League (ACL), marking our entry into the collegiate sports realm with great vigor. The ACL, renowned for its dedication to fostering talent and promoting healthy competition among college athletes, has selected iSportz as its preferred platform for managing clubs, teams, and members.

Our state-of-the-art Club and Team Management System and the robust Member Management System will revolutionize how collegiate sports are managed within the ACL. By streamlining operations, facilitating seamless communication, and enabling efficient administration, our platform aims to elevate the overall experience for athletes, coaches, and fans alike.

Welcome Windy City Volleyball to iSportz:

In addition to these noteworthy collaborations, we are thrilled to welcome Windy City Volleyball to the iSportz family. Windy City Volleyball is a distinguished volleyball organization known for its commitment to excellence and passion for the sport. They have chosen iSportz as their platform for club and team management, as well as their club website.

With our comprehensive Club and Team Management Software, Windy City Volleyball will now have access to a wide range of powerful features designed to enhance its operations, streamline communication, and facilitate the growth and success of the organization. We are honored to be their chosen partner and look forward to supporting their journey.


The continued collaboration with USA Cycling ensures that you will have access to top-notch educational resources, helping athletes hone their cycling skills and expand their knowledge. Moreover, our new partnership with the American Collegiate League opens up exciting opportunities for collegiate athletes, coaches, and fans. Whether you are part of a club or team or a passionate supporter of collegiate sports, our advanced systems will provide you with unparalleled management capabilities, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience. And finally, with Windy City Volleyball joining iSportz, we are expanding our reach and impact in the world of volleyball. 

We thank everyone for your unwavering support and belief in our mission to revolutionize sports management through cutting-edge technology. These partnerships and additions mark significant milestones in our journey, and we are thrilled to share them with you.

Stay tuned for more updates, enhancements, and exciting announcements as we continue to push the boundaries of sports management together.

Similarly, you can also unlock an unparalleled success for your sports organization with our cutting-edge iSportz Sports Management Platform. Experience a game-changing array of enhanced features on Club & Team, Member, Events and Learning Management System meticulously designed by engineers who love sports to propel your enterprise to the pinnacle of achievement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A learning management system (LMS) is a piece of software that enables a sports organization to keep all training-related materials in storage, manage them, deliver them, and keep track of them. Athletes no longer need to train abroad, especially in competitive sports. This was made feasible by the growth of LMS, which may make identifying the future global champion simpler. Numerous advantages, including lower expenses and more accessibility, come with this type of athletic training.
A Sports Management System streamlines, facilitates, simplifies, and automates operations and coaches’ work. It enables them to concentrate on instructing and preparing the students. Sports clubs may benefit from investing in sports management software by having a safe, secure way to handle data and member profiles and fostering better internal communication and engagement.

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