Catalysts of Change: Top Companies Driving Industry Evolution

Tyler Shepherd Contributor
iSportz takes the fragmented nature of sports management, engagement, and entertainment into the digital era by giving athletes, enterprises, and leagues a one-stop shop to maximize visibility, profitability, and engagement. With iSportz, teams, clubs, and leagues can streamline operations while engaging with their members; sports fans can follow their favorite teams or players and access the latest sports news and information; and those seeking entertainment can access e-games, fantasy games, virtual sports, and more. Co-founder Rohan Rajagopalan states why iSportz stands out, “One is that we provide access to all data, from registrations and reports to emails and SMS notifications, eliminating the need for multiple platforms. Second, the platform is sports agnostic. From baseball, softball, and water skiing to taekwondo and everything in between, we have various sports on our platform today. The third is the price point. We have extremely competitive pricing, and we focus on customer service.”