Become a Stakeholder in iSportz minimum investment $100. Learn More

Invest in iSportz with Wefunder(Min. investment $100)

Investing in iSportz through Wefunder is an opportunity for anyone to own stakes in the sports metaverse, which is set to revolutionize the Web3 sports economy. The lack of sports-centric metaverses with real-world benefits that focus on fan engagement has been a problem, and iSportz aims to fill this gap. With a minimum investment of $100, anyone can invest and become a part of the Web3 community.

Invest in iSportz with AngelList(Min. investment $1000)

Investing in iSportz through AngelList with a minimum investment of $1000 and own stakes in iSportz. This is a limited-time opportunity to participate in the growth potential of the booming sports gaming and virtual world market, with a platform that is already gaining popularity among users.


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Welcoming investors to be part of our growth journey as we aim to be a global driving force in connecting the sports ecosystem

Our Value Proposition

We are open to engaging with investors based on a shared vision and core principles
Connecting the sports ecosystem

iSportz offers innovative SaaS products for connecting different stakeholders in the sports ecosystem to deliver incremental value and growth.

Sports social media platform

Our product strategy is unique and focused on connecting B2B and B2C segments using a dedicated, innovative Sports Social Platform.

Sports Investment in innovations

We are investing in cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligent (AI)/machine learning (ML) and blockchain.

Serving the underserved community

Serving the underserved community iSportz is focused on lowering the barriers to entry for underserved communities to thrive with an integrated Sports Management SaaS platform.

Sports Industry Experiences

Our leadership has substantial experience in the sports industry, have scaled their previous start-ups to multi-million-dollar organizations.

Sports Core values & principles

We adhere to our core values and customer-centric approach to lay a sound foundation for long-term, sustainable growth.

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Please reach out to discuss investment proposition or email us at

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