Why did we build iSportz?

The Sports Tech ecosystem is fragmented with legacy, point solutions catering to the requirements of discrete use cases and a few specific users. We, at iSportz, are committed to integrating the wider sports ecosystem via a Next-Generation Sports Management and Engagement Platform connecting billions across the globe, be it Athletes, Administrators and Coaches or Enthusiasts, Fans and Supporters.

We espouse “Tech for Good” aimed at driving positive disruption, improving well being, and reducing the barriers to entry for underserved communities. As Sports across the globe is geared towards Gen Z, Sports Tech has to keep up with a compelling user experience (UX), mobile access, advanced analytics, and data integration. We are driving positive disruption in Sports Tech via technological innovation and connectivity between different stakeholders that were so far operating in silos.

What’s the problem we are trying to solve?

The wider Sports Ecosystem is siloed and disorganized. Sports Tech solutions focus on discrete use cases, with B2B and B2C segments remaining as islands that are not yet connected. In a nutshell, we are connecting the B2B and B2C segments to drive new opportunities for engagement, monetization, productivity, and reach beyond traditional process, data, and technical silos.
We are developing an Integrated Sports Management & Engagement Platform catering to a wide range of use cases for various user personas. For the short term, key use cases include Club & Team Management, Member Management, Event Management, Learning Management, Community Engagement, Merchandize & eCommerce, Tryouts, and Fundraising. We cater to a range of stakeholders, including governing bodies, associations, clubs, teams, major & minor leagues, coaches, volunteers, athletes, and fans.
In Q3, 2023, we will be launching a new iSportz Social Platform to kickstart the proliferation of a LinkedIn-style platform for the wider sports community, including fans, supporters and enthusiasts. Owing to our integrated approach, we are best placed to exploit the $150bn Sports Management & Engagement market opportunity.

Who’s the team behind iSportz?

Great things are done by great teams, not by individuals. Leadership has built a passionate team headed by a CEO who believes in leading through actions, not words. Our talented team collectively has more than 100 years of Sports Tech experience delivering powerful and complex systems and projects for some of the largest, most recognizable global sports organizations. Our Founder and CEO Vijay Krishnan is UMASS Amherst MBA alum with many years of global leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies including Fiserv and Motorola . Vijay has previously bootstrapped two award winning, multi-million-dollar companies with his business partner Arathi Rajagopalan from 2011-2021.

What’s our Unique Selling Point?

While we have numerous technical differentiators, we believe our vision and purpose of becoming the leading global connector of the sports ecosystem most significant USP. The community we are building to enable users to create game-changing experiences & engagement with the sports they love by connecting fellow fans with the help of a hyper localized model. The tangible value brought by enabling monetization and growth by driving revenue through increased comprehensive reach is felt by all stakeholders.

Why switch to iSportz?

Here are the top 5 reasons we observed from our sports communities and stakeholders

Sports Organizations, Clubs & Teams and National Governing Bodies (NGB) can manage their membership, events, clubs & teams, Learning Management, Merchandizing, Try-outs and Fundraising from one Sports Management Platform enabling them to ascertain life-time value of their members.

Fans & User community can interact with the fellow sports enthusiast regarding games, follow sports event, schedules & scores, purchase memberships, tickets to sports amateur events, merchandizing, jobs and scholarship opportunities from sports organizations, rewards to name a few

Athletes can manage their membership, game schedules, communication, performance stats, showcase their skills for recruitment and other safe sports training and certification etc. for starters.

Coaches can manage their teams, schedules, communication, fees, certifications, Try-outs, jobs and other management aspects under one platform

Sports affiliates can market their services, donations, fundraising, scholarship and job opportunities to a wider sports ecosystem and benefit the community as a whole.

Why do people prefer iSportz?

For Organizations: The iSportz Sports Management & Engagement utilizes a SaaS model with low TCO, with a combination subscription fee for organizations and & transaction fee which can be passed on to end users. It is a single platform encompassing all their operational efficiency needs built with a forward-looking technology of AI, ML and Web 3.0.

For Users: The iSportz Sports Management & Engagement Platform has a mobile platform with great positive values to users in the form of rich content, powerful features and community engagement which greatly improves their sports experience.

Where are we now?

iSportz Sports Management & Engagement platform is in the MVP stage and is deployed with five major sports organizations including: USA Water-Ski, USA Cycling, Alliance Fastpitch, USA Shooting and Player’s Way. We are refining the platform by adding new features daily to achieve a world-class standard of user experience. The complete Sports Management & Engagement platform’s public launch is imminent, following the next planned release iteration.

Where will we go from here?

A soft launch is planned to be available within a few months. Our target is to reach

1 million users within 9 months in our Sports Management & Engagement Platform after the initial launch

1 million dollars of transactions within 9 months through our Sports Management & Engagement Platform after the initial launch

What metrics do we track?

Our Primary Target Metrics

Average time spent/user

Retention Rate

No of transactions processed

Number of subscriptions

Secondary Target Metrics

Daily Active Users

Monthly Active Users


“Apart from the data, what we measure is how many lives we
have touched and changed via iSportz Platform”

After our Seed round where will we go?

5 Million

Users Globally

$5 Million

Transaction Processed

10 Million

User Generated Contents

To become a Multi-billion-dollar valuation company by reaching 1 Billion Users

Last round valuation was $10 Million

Last round we raised $525K

Who are your current investors?

Ignite Equity Partners LLC (Lead Investor)

Starter Studio

Phoenix Holdings

How much are we raising?

The investment is currently at the Seed stage and we are planning to raise 1.5 million dollars at a valuation of 15 million dollars pre-money. We have committed investments of 20% of the current raise.

Why the valuation is 15 Million Dollars?

Sports Management & Experience market growth is rapidly and we are tracking against a 150-Billion-Dollar market.

Clubhouse valuation grew from 1 Billion to 4 Billion in one year. Koo raised $30 Million led by Tiger Global. The valuation will grow quickly in the next rounds due to iSportz vision, market, and growth. 

How much are we going to dilute?

We are going to dilute 10% of the total shares as Safe notes at a $15 Million
pre-money valuation

Are we open to equity dilution

We are currently doing Safe Notes and will be open to
equity dilution in our next round.

Why don't we negotiate on the valuation?

Currently we are in the fair valuation for the value that we are going to create and the market
potentials of the competitors. Additionally, our committed investors are already invested in the above-
said valuation.

What else do we need from you?

We don’t want people who invest for “just for a quick multiple”. We want to partner with people who are ready to support the great global sports vision that directly impacts people’s lives and, as a byproduct, we all will benefit monetarily.

Thank You!

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