iSportz CAMP Value Proposition

iSportz CAMP Value Proposition

iSportz CAMP is a robust Sports Clubs and Teams management SaaS product automating critical functions and fostering business integration to drive results instantly while driving Athletes and Team engagement.  

Existing Problems

  • Running an athletic club requires time and effort in managing a team.
  • In between running a club and managing club registrations, collecting member fees and predicting game day performances, things can get really tedious.
  • Clubs and teams are not able to reinvent business models and leverage data insights for improved visibility and predictability. 
  • Disconnected sports delivery systems limit to drive efficiency.

Solutions offered by CAMP

  • Integrated club and sports management platform to boost visibility and user engagement.
  • Predict game results and improve collaboration at all levels with cutting-edge tools
  • Tracks performance and simplifies data collection and management

CAMP Competitive Features

  • Personalized sports feed

A personalized feed to follow your favorite sports, leagues, and teams.

  • Content sharing

Easy sharing features, to share trending stories and score updates on social media

  • Connecting to the sports community

Finding your favorite sports community and connecting with them

  • Coach and athlete portal

A dedicated portal where athletes and coaches can access files and update their information

  • Game predictions

Analyze and predict the game score with statistics, match streaming, and more

  • In-Game Notifications

Alerts of upcoming events/games with pre-game, in-game, and post-game notifications

  • Statistics and reports

Comprehensive statistic reporting for team/player performance

iSportz CAMP Value Proposition

Why choose iSportz CAMP?

  • Adaptive Platform

As your club and team need change, you need to be able to pivot—fast. Our adaptable platform helps you do just that.

We are always ready for what comes next


  • Ease of access

With a single source for club and team financial, and operational data, everyone can access real-time insights to make sound decisions.

We empower decisions at every level



  • Innovative Technology

At iSportz we never stop innovating. And you can count on us to deliver technology that fuels your growth and keeps your data safe.

We deliver a robust SaaS platform that you can trust

The bottom line

CAMP centralizes Club and Team data so that it can automate and personalize every interaction between the sports clubs and teams. With CAMP, we elevate your experience in athlete management while keeping your club organized.